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You Are Beautiful Bracelet

Elegance & grace at it's finest! This bracelet is purposed is to serve as a reminder of all the great things in life that make you uniquely special & valuable!  Made out of 100% genuine leather with a belt loop clasp and adjustable fit.  This bracelet is perfect for all occasions!  

Bracelet Reads:
“You are Beautiful, Amazing, Unique, Exceptional, Fantastic, Fabulous, Wonderful, Spectacular, One of A Kind, Special, Awesome, Extraordinary, Talented, Gifted, Smart, Courageous, Strong, Honorable, Remarkable, Indestructible, and You Can Accomplish Anything!”
  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • Main Color:  various (select when adding to cart)
  • Measures 36" in length
  • 25% of all purchases are donated to charitable causes
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