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Our Story

2 Powerful Words - GRACE & STEELE

Our company name embodies everything we feel women are.  Beautifully feminine yet strong as steel.  Women are elegant and capable of doing anything.  A GRACE & STEELE woman can do it all - she is a mom, an office executive, a caretaker, a scheduler, a planner, a believer, a dreamer and a doer.  She can light up a room with her elegance and charm.  She can dress up and she can dress down.  She is the complete package.  

We believe with God's grace all things are possible.  Without His grace and the strength that we receive from Him nothing would be possible.  

With this vision in mind - GRACE & STEELE BOUTIQUE launched!  We are a small mother/daughter owned boutique located south of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Our goal is to bring you fabulous styles at a variety of price points.  Styles for every occasion - date night, lunch with your tribe, social hour, casual gatherings, and everyday.  Our stylists buy limited numbers of each style with our styles being thoughtfully chosen.  Many of our styles are made in the USA.  We do not buy in mass quantities nor do we have a large warehouse.  We like the feel of a true boutique and our ability to have relationships with our valued customers.  We encourage you to buy it when you see it and check back often for new styles we know you will love!